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Aerial Drone of NSS @ Work

NSS recently partnered up with SkyDronics to bring you a series of aerial drone videos of just some of the services we offer at NSS.

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Move drone video and other NSS videos can be found over on our YouTube Channel.


During the month of September, Northern Stevedoring Services (“NSS”) proudly participated in the Blue September initiative, which was created to get the message out about cancer in men.  Raising awareness and much needed funds to assist world-class researchers such as Australian Prostate Cancer Research “APCR” and the Australian Cancer Research Foundation “ACRF”, NSS was proud to raise money for equipment needed to improve prevention of cancer, early diagnosis and treatment. 

Blue September urges men to take preventative action by improving lifestyle choices and getting regular check-ups by their general practitioner.  The statistics are devastating: 
  • 1 in 2 men will be diagnosed with cancer by the age of 85.
  • 1 in 4 men will be diagnosed with prostate cancer by the age of 85.
  • 50,000+ men are diagnosed with cancer every year, and almost 50% of that are fatal.

Throughout September NSS hosted a number of fundraising initiatives and established an online donations page.  Through their fundraising efforts NSS was eligible to participate in the Bluey the Bear grand prize initiative, whereby for each $1,000.00 raised Blue September would give you a 1-meter-tall blue lovable large teddy to auction/raffle. 

Raising $3,298 NSS was able to raffle off 3 “Bluey’s”; with the winners then passed on to the Blue September Foundation to go into the draw to win a brand new Nissan Micra.  Winners were Ross Brown (pictured right with Juliette Sperber General Manager of NSS), Kathryn Jacobsen and Lindsay Wilson.  The winner of the car was a Mr Philip Allen from Reservoir VIC.

Mr Wilson kindly re-donated Bluey the bear to the Mater Hospital Children’s Ward, where he is now known as Dr. Bluey Wilson MD, used to explain medical procedures to children and there for pre and post op care and cuddles.
Mater Children’s Unit Manager Karen Cribb said she wanted to thank NSS and Mr Wilson for their kind donation.  ``Dr Bluey Wilson would be kept busy helping the nursing staff to explain medical procedures to children and would be there to put smiles on little patient’s faces,’’ she said.

BlueSeptember2Pictured (LtoR): Dr Bluey Wilson’s first patient 16 month old Austin Byrne, Nurse Justine Cheeseman and Juliette Sperber General Manager NSS.
Northern Stevedoring Services Pty Ltd “NSS” has been awarded a seven year contract for port logistics and stevedoring services relating to MMG’s Dugald River Mine export mineral concentrates.  The Dugald River project is based near Cloncurry in North-West Queensland and is one of the highest grade undeveloped zinc resources globally with an estimated mine life of 25 years. 

NSS was selected on its experience and capability, commitment to safety and the environment, available assets and infrastructure and highly competitive price. The scope of work includes the receival of sealed containers from MMG’s rail service provider, transport of the sealed containers to NSS port facilities within the Port of Townsville, tippling of containers using the Qube Rotabox™ system into MMG chartered vessels and return of empty sealed containers to MMG’s rail service provider.

NSS General Manager Juliette Sperber said: “The Dugald River project is one of the most exciting mining projects in Queensland. With a reputation as one of the world’s top mid-tier miners, MMG’s selection of NSS as its port logistics and stevedoring service provider evidences our progressive approach to service delivery. Placing sustainability and the environment at the forefront of our service offering, whilst not compromising on productivity or competitive pricing will set the bar for bulk materials handling now and into the future.”

MMG appoints NSS as Stevedore“We are thrilled to be part of this project and we are looking forward to working collaboratively with the MMG team to exceed their expectations.”
Shortly after the Dugald River project was granted prescribed project status by the Queensland Government in April this year, MMG received confirmation of financing arrangements for the project, triggering the prompt commencement of construction of the processing plant and creation of significant employment opportunities. The expected remaining cost of the project to first shipment of concentrate is estimated to be US$600-620 million bringing Dugald River into production in the first half of 2018.

MMG appoints NSS as Stevedore NSS MMG Full Media Release
Northern Stevedoring Services Pty Ltd (“NSS”) is regional Queensland's largest supply chain management provider. We provide the most comprehensive end to end stevedoring, transport and logistics services for ocean going cargoes in regional Queensland, Australia. Our operations span the Ports of Gladstone, Mackay, Townsville, Cairns and Weipa.

NSS invites quotations for the provision of maintenance and repairs to all NSS plant and equipment listed in the draft agreement.

Subject to NSS Senior Management’s approval, it is intended that NSS will enter into negotiations with a preferred Service Provider based on responses to the Request for Quotation (“RFQ”).

NSS intends to award the work to a single Service Provider subject to adequate demonstration of the Service Provider’s capability to meet the Operational Requirements. However, NSS reserves the right to award the work to multiple Service Providers for separate portions of the Operational Requirements or not award the work at all.

The Services under the Agreement shall be described as supply of maintenance and repairs to NSS Plant and Equipment listed at Schedule 3 (within the draft Agreement) including but not limited to the work described in the Scope of Services. The majority of work under the Agreement will be undertaken at the NSS Equipment Hire Facilities which are located within the Townsville Port precinct in South Townsville and outlined in the below aerial. The balance of work will be undertaken within NSS Townsville operational sites.

Quotations for the Provision of Maintenance and Repairs 

Key dates in the RFQ process are:

Issue RFQ             

26 September 2016

Acknowledgement of RFQ and intention to Quote

4 October 2016

Site visit

12 October 2016 (to be confirmed)

Quotation Submission

28 October 2016

Contract Commencement

1 January 2017

Quotations must be lodged by the Quotation Submission date. If an extension is sought, a request must be made to the Commercial Manager prior to the close date. If an extension is granted, the extension will be granted to all Service Providers. 

Prospective tenderers are requested to email the Commercial Manager requesting copies of the tender documentation on or before 4 October 2016.
Submissions close on 28 October 2016.
What's yellow, has two big hands and can't fly? No, it's not big bird... rather the newest edition to the NSS cargo handling fleet. The Cascade Tyre Handler, valued at $200,000, represents NSS's confidence in the future of tyre imports through Townsville, improving productivity and introducing a new level of cargo care. NSS unloads imported tyres for Bridgestone at the Port of Townsville which are destined for use in the mining and earthmoving industries.

Capable of lifting 8.5 tonnes the tyre handler can be used in any application requiring the need to handle off-the-road (OTR) tyres.  The ability to rotate, tip and side-shift the tyre provides the flexibility needed for alignment with the truck without the use of a second forklift.  The clamp attachment ensures the tyre is handled with exceptional cargo care, eliminating the risk of damage to both the tyre and the truck.   This also ensures better safety for terminal workers through superior visibility through and over the frame.

With its 360-degree continuous rotation, the precision with which the NSS machinery operator can place the tyre maximizes trailer space at the same time as ensuring cargo placement and weight distribution on the truck is exact.


Tyre Handler 


NSS is regional Queensland's largest supply chain management provider. The provide the most comprehensive end to end stevedoring, transport and logistics services for ocean going cargoes in regional Queensland, Australia. NSS operations span the ports of Gladstone, Mackay, Townsville, Cairns and Weipa.

To discuss all your stevedoring, transportation and logistics needs, call NSS Commercial Manager Mitchell Smith on +61 7 4722 4800 or contact NSS online today

NSS Expands its Cargo Handling Capabilities Media Release - NSS Tyre Handler


19th December 2015, was the Australian Shipping Industry’s night of nights, as the industry celebrated the achievers and accomplishments of the Australian maritime industry in 2015.

The Environmental Transport award was presented to Northern Stevedoring Services (“NSS”) for its State-of-the-art bulk handling facility, situated in the Port of Townsville. The facility with a multitude of features which sets it apart from other bulk warehousing facilities.

In 2013, NSS identified the need to provide a bulk materials storage facility for a major client in the Port of Townsville. Ferrite produced at the SMC refinery in the neighbouring town of Stuart was to be transported to the facility by road, received and stored prior to vessel arrival. The product was then to be loaded to half height containers to be transported to the wharf and loaded using the award winning Rotabox© loading system. To achieve this, as well as provide product segregation and versatility to hold various products, the 8500m2 bulk facility was divided into two sides. Further segregation is achieved for smaller parcels of differing products using concrete barriers. This allows NSS to store multiple products, however it also meant that the design needed to be versatile enough to meet the most stringent of environmental conditions.

Operating in the Townsville port precinct, the proximity of the local community of South Townsville was of primary concern. Dust control needed to be of utmost importance. In addition, the collection of waste materials and ensuring storm water drainage would not compromise the delicate local marine ecosystems as well as the Great Barrier Reef Marine Park, was paramount.

The facility contains two stack release points, and are installed post a filtration unit used to remove contaminants such as dust from the air prior to release to the atmosphere. The air is extracted out of the bulk storage facility, thereby maintaining the building under negative pressure to prevent possible fugitive dust releases. The automated doors operate on electronic sensors to ensure that they are only opened to assist traffic entry and exit, this ensures that the optimal negative pressure is maintained. A dust filtration system is located outside the building which provides five (5) air changes per hour. The shed air is filtered through a filtration system that has 48 filters, filtering air to 0.5 microns. These filters receive a blast of air every 1 minute in a cyclical pattern in order to remove product that has built-up on the filters. The dust that is collected from the filters drops to a collection bin. This reclaimed product is then returned to the stockpile.

The system is self-monitoring. Any faults such as dust removal system failures or air system pressure decline sends an electronic SMS message to operational personnel. Any breakdowns of significance will trigger an automatic shutdown, ensuring no dust is released while waiting for technicians to arrive.

NSS has installed high wind-rated Rapid Doors on Truck Entry and Exit. The doors work in unison with the negative pressure and dust filtration systems to ensure ultimate control of dust emissions from the facility.  The Bulk Handling Shed is service by two (2) Automatic Truck Wash Systems. These systems are designed to wash the external surfaces of the trailer/s including the wheels of the prime movers and trailers. Both wash systems have strategically located manifolds & nozzles to maximise the wash down effect where the heaviest deposits occur during tipping ie. wheel spray guards and other horizontal surfaces.

The Wash Facility operates using two pumps. The system washes the tyres, sides, front and back of any truck, trailer or container moving through the bays. The system delivers approximately 1,200 litres of water a minute at 7-8 Bar.

The water used in the truck wash system, is captured from large roof span and filtered into two holding tanks. The water continues to be recycled until contamination levels need it to be disposed of. Under these circumstances the water is pumped out into road transport tankers and taken back to the client for re-cycling through their reclamation ponds.

NSS has also recently installed a 100kW Solar Power system, consisting of 384 solar panels. The power generation is a massive 484kWh per day, or 175,200kWh per year. The potential savings to NSS is in the order of $60,000 per annum, giving NSS a payback period of three (3) years. This clearly shows that energy saving technology has a direct positive impact to business’ profitability as well as reducing the load on grid power.

Northern Stevedoring Services has a long and proud history in regional Queensland, and the construction of this purpose built bulk materials handling facility has ushered in a new stage in the company’s strategy – to be a leader in the development and implementation of clean, dust free and energy efficient stevedoring and logistics operation. With this award, NSS has been recognised as being at the forefront of environmental best practice for bulk materials handling. 

NSS general manager Juliette Sperber at the new warehouse

A $15 million state-of-the-art shed at Townsville port is setting new benchmarks in environmental best practice for the handling of bulk materials.

It should also mean less heavy metals in dust escaping from the port.

Stevedoring, transport and logistics group Northern Stevedoring Services has developed the Bulk Handling Facility, including new offices for the company, at 91 Hubert St, South Townsville.

NSS general manager Juliette Sperber said the facility was providing a world-class offering to the resources sector, particularly second-tier players, and increasing the company’s capacity to handle bulk products requiring undercover storage.

“We believe we have set a new benchmark for environmental best practice in bulk materials handling, illustrating that practical solutions can be environmentally friendly and cost effective,” Ms Sperber said.

“Having a facility like this in the port is important for the trade of bulk materials at Townsville.

“The overall outcome is that we want to have zero dust emissions.”

The facility has a floorspace of about 8500sq m and the capacity to store between 50,000 to 70,000 tonnes of material, depending on the density of product such as zinc and ­copper concentrates, zinc ­ferrite, coal and iron ore.

A key feature of the facility is stopping dust in its tracks.

Air is sucked from the building to maintain negative pressure and prevent dust releases, while a hi-tech 48-filter filtration system cleans the air of particles down to a size of 0.5 microns, or 2000 times smaller than 1mm.

The filters are blasted with air every minute to shake product loose, which is collected and returned to stockpiles.

Ms Sperber said truck entry and exit doors were opened and closed by sensors which tracked the progress of trucks, ensuring doors were closed at times when material was tipped.

A high-pressure truck wash system sprays about 1200 litres of recycled water a minute to clean vehicles before they exit.

NSS will also install a 100kW solar panel array to mostly power the facility.

NSS employs 260 people and operates at ports at Gladstone, Mackay, Townsville, Cairns and Weipa.

Tony Raggett - Townsville Bulletin